Content Writing

Whether you’re looking to improve your Google rankings, create a clear message to your audience, or just tidy up some clever ideas that you’ve jotted down in the middle of the night, business content writing can help you proceed to the next level of success.

Content Writing for Google Rankings

The task of knowing what Google and the other search engines use for establishing a website’s spot in the search results should not be underestimated. The algorithms seemingly never sit still, so business owners and search engine optimizers tend to play the guessing game and are often a step or two behind. But there is one thing you can count on to ensure the search engines are happy with the pages on your company’s website: quality content rates highly in the algorithm.

If you want to rank well for a product or service you provide and you have little or no content about it, you can expect to rank poorly. Remember, one of the great things about the internet is how quickly you can learn about something you’re exploring. Whether it’s celebrity gossip, how to make a sponge cake, or who provides cheap tax services in your city, you want to find good, relevant information.

So as the search engines want to provide a great user experience to the people typing their search queries, you can be certain that they only want to put the best fitting web pages in the first page or two of the results. And if you don’t have the info, pictures, videos, recipes, or compelling evidence that you offer the “cheapest tax services in Brooklyn,” then you normally won’t rank well. If you’ve just copied and pasted some info from another website, you probably won’t rank well. Good content alone doesn’t guarantee you’ll rank well, but it definitely helps.

Content Writing for Marketing Clarity

All too often we come across websites that miss the mark of clear communication. For many business owners, they’re great at one or two things they were trained for, but struggle when it comes to writing and marketing. We work with our customers to do much more than merely fill a web page with keywords; we instead aim to truly understand what is important to them and how best to express this to their website visitors.

Do you enjoy going to a business website only to find that it’s filled with mindless drivel that was obviously written by an SEO company with no regard for the poor human who takes the time to read their pages? Real (potential) customers are visiting a site in hope of finding useful information, or at least a compelling sales message, and come up empty. No sale! And Google doesn’t want to send people to those pages. Often the creators of such poor web content trick the search engines for a while, but in the end it doesn’t really work because the real people they’re trying to target take one look at the poorly written message and bounce off the site, sensing something is fake or unattractive.

A business will best gain traction by working with a content writer and getting a real message written with clarity.


Editing Your Content

Can’t get your content dialed in exactly how you want it to sound? Just write it and hand it over. If you’ve already written something or are capable of getting it mostly right, it helps to hand it over to someone else who can tidy it up and make sure it flows well, adheres to the accepted grammatical standards, and compels the reader to take action.


If you would like assistance with business content writing of any type, contact us today and we’ll explore how we can work together on reaching your goals.